Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Journey

It is over a year since my last post and as you can see by the title it has been quite a journey over those months.  No I haven't journeyed to exotic lands or enjoyed the experience of new cultures.  Close friends and family will understand  and many of them have been on the journey with me.

In July last year I was devastatingly and unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer and within a week I had undergone a right mastectomy and then followed months of chemotherapy.  However nearly one year down the track I have regained my health, my "mojo" for creating and a deeper understanding and empathy for people who chronically and continuously suffer physically during their lives.

I was lucky.  I read an interesting article written by a "survivor" saying that many people ask "why me?" when diagnosed with cancer.  Her question was "why not me?"  Cancer is no respecter of age, sex, religion or race.  It can happen to anyone and it does - healthy, sick, old, young, fit, inactive.  It is hard to understand the reason why some people are afflicted and others aren't but I am one of the lucky ones and feel very grateful for that.

I am also so very grateful for the wonderful support I received both in a physical sense from my WH (wonderful husband) and some very special friends but also through messages of hope and love from all over.  To everyone I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But here I am - due for my annual checkup in a few weeks and passionately creating most days.

I did lose my "creating" way for a while but am back to the design board and getting more into machine embroidered creations.  Below are some photos of recent creations.

In October last year we had the joy of attending our son's wedding in Fiji.  A wonderful week with beautiful family.  I had the pleasure of making a ring cushion for the couple and also, being a tropical wedding, a pair of barefoot thongs of frangipanis ( the theme flower for the wedding).  More recently I took some of our memorable photos and made a wallhanging for the lovely couple. 

Please look at my product gallery pages to see some other creations.
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